Estate Living

4 Huge Benefits Of Estate Living

Estate living has become a hot commodity in recent years and has seen more South Africans opting to move their families into homes within secure, gated estates. We wanted to look at the 5 biggest reasons for this recent trend, as well as the benefits that homeowners enjoy when living in an estate.

Secure Family Lifestyle

The most obvious reason for homeowners to choose homes in estates is that these estates offer much better security. Most estates enforce access control and have security personnel who work day and night to guarantee the safety and security of its residents. But, besides the obvious additional security, what do they offer that makes them a great option for families?

1. Kids at play

We often hear other adults talk about the days when they were kids. Nowadays we shiver when we imagine our kids disappearing until the streetlights come on. Not to mention playing cricket in the road in front of the house without adult supervision.

Living in an estate, however, promises that your kids can enjoy the same carefree lifestyle that you once had. Each estate attracts their own (likeminded) residents. If there are amenities that are child-friendly, then there is a great likelihood that there are many other families in the same estate. This promotes a mindfulness with the residents, making everyone more cautious about the safety of the children.

2. Amenities

Estates generally brag with plenty of leisure activities, from walking trails to parks and swimming pools. Some estates try to be as convenient as possible to its residents and will offer additional amenities that might include gyms, shops, and clubhouses.

In some cases, schools have been established within the estates to offer their residents the comfort of being completely catered for within its walls.

3. Community

Living in an estate inspires the residents to be more involved in their own local community. With the variety of amenities and the well-designed layout of the estate, residents are offered a chance to get to know their neighbours again.

Getting to know your neighbors becomes effortless and spending some fun down time with new friends is easily done without having to go very far.

Estate living adopts a fantastic community-friendly lifestyle that brings a whole lot more benefits than you might imagine.

4. Body Corporate

The body corporate is responsible for the general maintenance and upkeep of all public spaces in the estate. Care of the pools, lawns, streetlamps, streets, etc., all fall to the body corporate to take care of.

The body corporate will also be able to assist you with vetted and approved installers and service delivery companies if you need work done around the house.

The body corporate will ensure that the overall look and feel of the estate is always on a set standard, guaranteeing that your property value remains secure.

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